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20                       Ramavljaya,

in the throne of Ayodya."   The king was 4hnnder-stracky
when Kayakayi made the cruel demand, and persuaded her
much to- ask him for something else; but she would not
mind   him.    In   the  meantime,   his  faithful minister,
Sumanfc, came and informed the king, who was  lying on
the ground in disorder, that everything was ready for per-
forming the ceremony of installation, when the latter told
the former what had happened in- the room of  Kayakayi.
The minister, being exceedingly sorry, went and called Rama
in the room of Kayakayi. The prince came and implored
his father to tell him the cause of his grief, when Kayakayi
replied "The king had given me a promise at  the  battle
with the demons that he would give me whatever I would
ask from him.    I have asked him to fulfil  that promise,
and since then he has been very sorry."   Rama said, " I
think, he is not able enongh to comply with your demand.*
Kayakayi repled, " I should think so." Well" said Rama,
" if my father cannot give you what you want from him,
I promise to give it to you." Kayakayi replied, "Then go to
the forest of the demons for fourteen years with LaJfcslm-'
wan and let  my son,  Bharat,  rule in Ayodya. " Rama
said, " Most willingly.  I have no objection to do so.  It is
just the same thing to me, because Bharat and I are one.'*
Rama then, taking his leave of Kayakayi went to his mo-
ther, Kausalya, and told her what had happened. Kausalya
became very sorry and said, u Thou shalt not leave me.
Hide thyself in my room for fourteen years, and I shall
keep the secrecy. I cannot remain without tbee," Rama repli-
ed, "Mother, excuse me.    I am now bound by my protdse
to go to the forest." So saying he threw himself at her feet
and obtained her permission to go to the forest." He then
went to Lakshuman and told him all that had taken plaee^
when the latter said, "I shall accompany you. I cannot live-
liere without you, and if you leave me here alone and go to.
tiie forest, I shall aommit suicide."Bama, having consent-